0032. Nightmares On Wax
Smokers Delight

Another instrumental album, just like yesterday. But unlike yesterday this is more of a chill out album than an ambient one.

The music consists mostly of samples from other albums paired with some of own composition. I get hooked right on the Nights Introlude (which have one of my favourite samples in there, but I won't say which one it is) and then it just flows smoothly.

That is till it hits a big bump in the road: (Man) Tha Journey, with it's house-ish sound. After that the magic is broken (especially since Bless My Soul does the lest possible with the same drum loop as Snap! used a couple of years earlier) and the chill out's been replaced by a standard coffee-shop of stereotypes for a couple of tracks.

It's kind of saved by some of the latter tracks, but still leves me with the feeling that it would have been better if the album just was eight tracks tops.